Admit it, as an adult you have never experienced happiness in the entire 86,400 seconds of a day. In one fleeting moment, you did question your faith and in those instants you feel like a tree trunk gutted by maggots.

As a child, we all wonder what we will be when we grow up. We were told to dream big, else shoot for the moon; but nobody told us about the catastrophes that we need to face in order to reach our dreams. We all experienced sorrows, loneliness, pain, bitterness and hostility and still could not fathom the truest form of happiness that emanates from fulfilling those dreams. More often than not, we just surrender to the sad emotion. And then it occurred in so many ways, until you began to realize that you were dead on the inside… just like a lamp post with flickering light waiting to die on a cold and lonely night in an isolated street. Pathetic isn’t it?

In class, we were told that spark is an essential part of the combustion triangle. No matter how much fuel or air you put in it, if you’re missing the spark you won’t get the fire burning. Each of us has our own little spark. That little spark could be anything from faith to love or self-respect. Or it could be something that could relate to your sense of personal worth. Your family and friends could be your fuel, and your job or your hobby could be your air.

Just like that little lamp post across the street, your light may attract insects but once in a while someone will stop to admire your light… So when you feel like a sudden form of sadness grips you or you feel like the chaos that surrounds you is just too much for you to bear; don’t give in. Think about that little spark within you. No other person has the right to take out that light unless you allow them to. Imagine yourself as that lamp post….and make your light shine. Shine even when you’re down. Shine even when you feel empty. Find that reason to shine. Shine until you become a source of light to others. Who knows maybe just maybe, someone out there will stop and even dare to stay to make that light shine brighter. Someday. Maybe.