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My friend once told me “Don’t let a bucket of darkness eclipse an ocean of sunshine”. I remember that fateful day he told me that, that was the day I felt so alone and needed a friend.

Year had passed and those big words still lingers on my mind. Every time I am at a catch-22 I remind myself of that quote. I must admit that part of how my brain is wired was influenced by my set of golden friends. (I wouldn’t hold this much patience if not for them.)

So whenever you have a problem that you are just too stressed to tell your family about, I suggest that you tell it to a friend. Tell it to a friend who would laugh at your silly thoughts and pointless rants. Tell it to a friend who would kill your drama with idiocy. After-all, what you have isn’t really a problem, but just a situation. Situation that doesn’t really exist and are just weaved by your emotional mind. Situation that will soon pass. Smile and B+