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You sing me love songs and lullabies
And this heart of mine begins to smile.
But the things you do my mind tries to justify,
Citing reasons not to meet that gaze from your eyes.

You tried to put rainbows on a garden that I’ve built
But shove away the butterflies that kiss your cheek.
From a place where I stand, I wonder, shrug and sigh…
Because when I tried to hold your hand you are nowhere at sight.

You spoke in riddles as though everything is a game,
Where I have to guess if in your heart you hold my name.
You forgot that this girl you’re playing with can’t be tamed,
She thinks things through so she wouldn’t wait in vain.

So stop singing songs, stop being sweet
And stop doing things that might sweep me off my feet
You almost had me, you almost won my heart
You almost….but failed from the start