It’s when you said something and it kind of ruined everything… So you said you’re sorry, but sorry didn’t cut it. And you know now that he doubts you more than you have doubted him. Your dreams began to crumble with your heart shaking within. Should you stop and walk away? Walk away from the love that brings you happiness but could also cause you so much pain? Would you follow your soul or listen to your brain?
All that you know is you like him and he likes you. You both made no promises and no whispers in the dark, just a real big smile in the morning and sweet kisses at night.
So be careful with what you think and say, because in a bright day it could bring in a hurricane. When jealousy creeps in, talk and listen, do not try to hide the pain. Talk in soft words, be smart in handling your feelings; be humble and listen. Don’t let reality make you hard, but never let love blind you. You know it’s difficult, and you know sometimes it will not even work. But when you finally find the one, hold on and never let go…
I miss you Andrei…I miss you…