December is coming to an end; and I will be closing another chapter of my life. 2014 is probably one of the best years I’ve had where I’ve checked everything on my bucket-list with a few little extras.

A new beginning is coming. I know for sure that it will be more amazing and fun, full of surprises and grace. Where 2014 is an epiphany of a lot of things, in 2015 I will smile more. I will cry. I will hurt. I will laugh. I will do things I’ve never done before. I’ll scare myself to strength. I’ll prove what I’ve always suspected: that the world is not small. I’ll travel. I’ll learn more. I’ll be a crybaby, a happy crybaby. I’ll be both positive and realistic. I will dream more, and I will fulfill my dreams! Goodbye regrets, hello hope.

Cheers to a bright future ahead!