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1. Your life is a result of the choices you make.

Life is a huge pile of dominos perfectly lined in a series of x’s and y’s. So, where you are right now is a direct result of the decisions you’ve made in the past couple of years, days and seconds. Decisions such as choosing to eat garbage and whining about that fat belly; to procrastinating and wondering why life has been unfair!
Never complain about how boring your life is when you have the option to go out and have fun but you’ve decided not to. Never complain about how difficult your life is financially, when you had the option to study well and climb the success ladder but chose to just relax and watch the future run out. As William Jennings Bryan has said “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.”

2. Hakuna Matata

It’s not a problem, it’s just a situation.
For half of my years living on this earth I’ve been worrying about a lot of things. During my younger years I worry about how I’m going to pass my engineering course, all those exams, lab projects and countless theses. As I grow and started my career, I realized that there is really no benefit in worrying. All your problems will soon pass. All you need to do is to stay calm. I’m not telling you to procrastinate and sit on your problems, I’m asking you to think of your problems as part of growing up. Using Pareto principle, you know that only 20% of all your problems are vital. The remaining 80% are trivial… or probably just a product of your imagination. Because you create your own problems, problems which are an effect of all the bad choices you made which Bernoulli’s gift could have saved you from.
In making decisions based on Bernoulli’s principle, “much less precise, but it captures the gist of what Bernoulli had to say — was this: The expected value of any of our actions — that is, the goodness that we can count on getting — is the product of two simple things: the odds that this action will allow us to gain something, and the value of that gain to us.” – Dan Gilbert

3. Tolerance

While eating lunch at a restaurant, I overheard the guy seating on the next table say “I have zero patience with stupid people”. Not to rebut what he said, but in my brain I was saying “you don’t know what you don’t know”.
Each of us has our own level of intelligence. Imagine what Stephen Hawking would say to that fat and narrow-minded guy if they are sitting face to face and the conversation is focused on quantum physics. That would be death by intellectual conversation.
So always allot a percent tolerance to a factor of ignorance. Be patient; don’t talk when you’re pissed because chances are you’d say improper words you’d regret saying afterwards. Don’t waste your energy on pointless argument.
The same goes for relationship, find someone who could tolerate you in every way as much as you could tolerate him/her. Tolerance is one of the key factors to a lasting relationship.
“A person’s wisdom yields patience; it is to one’s glory to overlook an offence” –proverbs 19:11

4. Respect and Humility

Money can’t buy class, and it can’t also buy manners. So, you being a high class person should know how to respect other people. Respect their opinions and their views. Don’t hurt other people’s feelings. Respect doesn’t ask you to be a Messiah, it asks you to be a mature person. Be humble unless you’re at a job interview. People would know for sure if your stories were told in hyperboles. If you’re good, let the people say it. Stop bragging.

5. Positive Vibes

No matter what happens, in all situations, always look at the bright side. There are over 7billion people in the world, chances are there is someone out there having the worst dilemma than yours. But don’t forget to find the balance between reality and positivity. The benefit of applying Murphy’s Law is that you tend to create mitigation and contingency plan. And when you have all the options lined up, you know that all is well. Positive thinking attracts positive force.