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I remember the day we talked, when I told you everything about me and him. How you’re ruining a relationship. I remember when you told me that you’re going to carry that baggage, of you being the other woman, for the rest of your life. After we talked, my impression of you has changed. I thought you were moralistic and that you’d choose to do what is right; but you didn’t. I guess you were just pretending to be kind… and that you were playing the perfect role of an underdog as what the “Other Woman” would always play. So no matter how hard it is for me, I waved all my rights and gave way. Love is not selfish.

Now that you and he are together, I wish the both of you happiness. May you not suffer the same amount of pain that you have caused me. If forever do exists, may you have the happy-ever-after. And if I could turn back the hands of time I wouldn’t do anything differently; I’d still set aside my own happiness and give way. I’d still embrace the darkness that comes along with loving someone. And my love will never be selfish.

I just hope that you won’t have to deal with the baggage. If you had to, seek forgiveness not from me but from the One above. I have laid everything to Him and He will forgive you just as He has forgiven me…because Love is not selfish.


photo grabbed from unveiledwife.com