It has never been easy for me to trust someone especially if it involves love. But with you everything comes easy. Maybe it’s the way you look at my eyes while we’re talking or the way you understand my silence. Maybe it’s your compassion and kindness to others that draws me closer to you. How you never took advantage of what I could give and do for you as a friend and now as your girl. How honest you are while trying not to hurt my feelings. How hard you try to understand when my words wouldn’t equate to my actions. How you try to bridge the gap between our cultural differences. How you tolerate my lapses and silliness. How you appreciate everything that I am, and inspire me to become more.

I tried to focus on your flaws so I wouldn’t fall but it was really tough because you are exactly what I have been praying for.

And I’m writing this to tell you that I feel like I really am in love with you. Love in a way that I am afraid my words and actions wouldn’t suffice. Love in a way that I couldn’t even fathom. Love that is willing to take risks. Love that has made me more patient and understanding. Love that is probably worth keeping.