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It was dusk; I was sitting on a canoe with the guide paddling through planktons that light the river, mangroves filled with fireflies on the side and clusters of stars making up a series of constellations on a moonlit sky. It was a perfect night like a scene taken straight from the movie Life of Pi, except that it happened in my reality…a surreal kind of reality.

A little spark traveled on the front lobe of my brain; an epiphany that there’s a beautiful side of darkness. Where amidst all the chaos, there is truth in the line “all is good”. 

I realized that when life becomes catastrophic and everything that provides you comfort is gone, rather good will come out of it. As the cliché goes “look at the bright side!” Let the law of attraction (positive energy) take precedence over Murphy’s Law. Never allow change to drag you into negativity. Never allow loss to turn you into a train wreck.

I looked at the stars and it was like gazing at the future, like I know very well that out of the darkness that surrounds me there is something really wonderful that is about to happen. I dipped my hands in the river filled with planktons and it felt magical. It was as though I was given access to the most sublime creation at a paradisiacal gallery that is hidden in the dark!

So when you’re down and you feel like luck has deserted you; stay calm, stay positive, be like a tree that is deeply rooted on earth yet still far reaching for the heavens.