After every heartache, we often find ourselves asking the question “Why?” Why did it happen? Why me? Why didn’t it work? All the whys and the answers are written in thin air. We begin to presume, wallow in sadness for a while, and then try to justify every scenario that happened before the breakup.

“He promised me forever” became an epic line from a horror movie. Trust issues as a result of all the lies became common. Yet your aching heart still looks forward to the promise of love. You ate more than what you can chew because you still believe in forever. Because you think it’s all worth it.

Was it all worth it? When your path to bliss led you to hell? When you cried poodles of water and swore you’ll never have another heartbreak?

I’m falling into another trap just when my scars of yesterday have healed. And I ask myself the same question. Is it worth it? Am I ready? Is it right? 

We love, we dream, we collide…in a million pieces my heart will shatter and once again, die.