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Like the early morning sun that has touched my cheek on a first Saturday of summer, you have filled my soul with so much joy. But every season has an end; the day came when winter clouded my heart and drowned my soul.

I saw our ending before it even began, yet I let you held my hands, took the chance and welcomed you into my heart. Now, I have to let you go… I know it’s hard but I know that you’ll be fine. We will be fine. And we will move on.

I am not sure if you’d treasure what we had, as I am not sure if you even ever felt the same way that I do. All I know is I love you; but I’m becoming the person I hate. 

So this is where it has to end… Where I know our hearts would sing with joy in spite of the pain; where our memories would be filled with serenity in spite of the regrets; where our bodies would sway in romance in spite of the “what-if”. 

Who knows; in its perfect time, our love will continue… somehow, somewhere.

photo grabbed from http://www.quotesvalley.com