About four years ago I met a young lady who’s to envy as she seems to live life to fullest. She’s well-traveled, always smiling, and a philanthropist I suppose. An accident killed her that faithful week when I was about to drop her a message to tell her how happy I am that I met her and how she inspires me and would love to travel with her. It was that car accident that took her life and taught me a lesson about living. 

Just at her early 20’s, the sudden death came as a shock. I realized then that life really is too short and you’ll never know what’s going to happen. So it’s better to live life without regrets, try your best to always be happy, do everything that you want, and accomplish your dreams. Forgive but never forget. Be vocal yet try not to hurt anyone with your words. Be kind and honest. Say sorry and mean it. Be generous in giving complements. Get out of that routine and mundane life. Carpe that freakin’ Diem//