The past few months had you feeling stuck at a situation where you know exactly what to do but don’t  have the courage to change it. You were trying to assess everything, hoping the events would eventually turn to your favor without having to work out on it. You were pondering day by day, holding onto what little hope you had.The thing is you weren’t lacking on motivation; as you know for sure how fickle motivation is. It comes and it goes. But rather, you were lacking on discipline. So in order for you to move forward, you have to be vigilant.

So learn to compromise without abandoning your ideals. Especially with people, you’ll tend to feel obligated to them for sentimental reason, even when no bond exists. Learn to let go much more quickly than you habitually do. Avoid becoming dependent on others, and you need to socialize.

It’s important that you accept change, and that you accept people on their own merits. Don’t let disappointments keep you down, especially where relationships are concerned; let your intuition guide you in all types of relationships and trust your first impressions. Again, be vigilant. It’s important that you don’t give up on your plans and goals.

One day, you’ll look back and realize how well you have handled everything. How the past experiences have honed you to become a better person than you were before. Never give up. Stay positive for always.