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You hate me. You have every right to hate me.You will tell stories about me as though I’m a monster. You wish our paths will never cross. You wish you never knew me. I am a memory you never want to remember.

But I want to tell you something, something I might not be able to say straight to your innocent face. I love you. I never meant to hurt your feelings. I never meant to ruin your faith. And I never meant to stood you up. 

I regret everything I did. I regret the choices I made because I was afraid. I was afraid not of being in a relationship, but I was afraid of wasting my time. I don’t know the consequences of my choices, but I know I have to live up to it. I must suffer for bringing you pain. Pain that you don’t deserve. Pain because I was selfish.

I love you, and you were everything I’ve prayed for. I’m sorry.