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5 AM, I was at the parking lot praying as I start my brand new car. The built-in GPS said it would only take me 20 mins to reach my destination. I knew it’s too early, but it was my first time to drive alone and I was driving my first car. I was not too confident about myself driving so I gave myself an extra hour as factor of ignorance. 15 mins later, I was at a remote construction site; lost. I called my most reliable friend who apparently doesn’t take calls at ungodly hour. I braced myself and continued driving relying on my GPS and my unbelievably poor sense of direction.

I arrived at my destination 2 hours after an involuntary scenic tour around the city; stress plastered all over my face…

Two years forward, my cars’ mileage is over 30,000km. The stress I felt during those times was not entirely a big deal. I braved my way to cross-country driving, even up to the most remote part of the northern Canada.

11 PM; under the bridge; my boyfriend and I were sitting at the back of his car. The thoughts of me stressed out on driving flashed back as I try to break up with him. I realized that just like my first time driving; given the time; everything will eventually be okay. My feelings at this moment would no longer be valid. In two years or so, I will again look back to now and smile at how better I’ve become as a person. With the hard-learned lessons tucked underneath my bruised heart, I move-on in time…