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Life is not always fun, not always happy, and not always beautiful. I remember moments of being overwhelmed by the workload I have, and moments of being worried that I might become redundant when things slow down at the office. I remember being so utterly in love with someone that my heart feels like it is just about to explode, and I remember times when I am just so numb and cold.

But guess what? I found out that kindness is the key to everything. When you’re sad, lonely and depressed; show a little bit of kindness to someone and it will surely brighten your day.

There’s a small coffee shop right next to the building where I work at. Every morning before heading to work, I would drop by that coffee shop to buy myself a hot chocolate and a breakfast sandwich. I would also buy gift cards to give away to homeless people. (Yes, I do prefer giving away gift cards than cash).

One fine Wednesday morning; while on the way to that coffee shop, I was scrambling through my bag for change to buy me my morning fix, I thought about being more frugal as the economy is getting worse. As I was about to enter the coffee shop, I gave way and open the door to the woman about to exit. On her way out she said thanks and handed me a gift card similar to what I’d usually buy and told me “have a happy Wednesday”. That gesture made me feel grateful for everything. That little act of kindness was another epiphany that God will never ever forsake me. I felt truly blessed crossing path with a kind person.

So whenever you feel down or worried, go out and give or show a little kindness. When you feel happy, share your happiness by being kind towards someone. Life may not always be fun, not always happy, and not always beautiful; but it is also not always difficult, not always sad and not always ugly.