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I chanced upon one of my ex and I’s common friend whom I haven’t seen and spoken to for a couple of months. We sat down and talked over coffee. I was told that my bleep ex was telling everyone that we broke up before we both move here in Canada. Not that it bothers me anymore, but the OC in me had to correct any miss-information. As the cliché goes, you call a spade a spade; and he is a cheater and a liar. 

So let it be known that my ex cheated on me, took advantage of my feelings, and used my money to date his other girl in Singapore. And take note, that was just the tip of the iceberg. 

Am I bitter? No. I have recognized the seeasons in my life, i’ve let go as it’s over and i have have moved on. I just couldn’t fathom how he managed to exert an effort to use his insulin-drowned brain to twist the story just to save his dignity; the audacity to save his broken image. 

Our friend also told me that the bf-stealing-blankity-blank-blank-turned-wife is now here in Canada and he met her during a bible study. I was surprised to know that they are finally actually trying to wash away their sins.

But as I was driving on my way back home, I realized why his karma hasn’t come to claim his debt yet. Because he married a kind (insert doubt here) woman who probably changed (insert doubt here) him from being a jerk that he was. She was able to bring him closer to God, who’s ever merciful. So if God had given them mercy, why shouldn’t I? And if there’s something I am good at, it’s re-wiring my thoughts. Therefore, I thanked God for the epiphany. I thanked God for helping me to fully forgive.

As the bible said, Moses the servant is dead… get ready to cross the Jordan River into the land He is about to give…

To the boy who lied and keeps lying; remember HE knows the truth so be careful. Let us just burn that ugly chapter in our book and move into what God has prepared for us.

My faith is greater than my hate. I know I will always be the head because God made a promise. I am sure that the Lord my God will be with me wherever I go. Whispering in my ears, answering my queries, guiding me every step of the way.