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Early this morning I was having a chat with a friend who used to work at my current company. Apparently, he got a call from one of the department managers and they wanted him back. I asked him if he has decided on it yet. He said he hasn’t received an offer yet. I told him I can send him an offer if that’s all he wants. 😂 Here’s my offer letter:


Dear [first name],

I am pleased to offer you a role as a “bowa (boyfriend)” at CShella Foundation for the Single yet Cute Boylets. I trust that your experience and skills will be a valuable asset to my company.

If you are to accept this offer you will be eligible to the following in accordance to my company’s policies:

  • Immoral and emotional support applied any time required.
  • Up to 30% of my annual gross salary may be given to you as a gift
  • Standard benefits including:
  • Free hugs
  • Sweet nothings
  • Love notes
  • Care when you’re sick

To accept this offer sign and date this job offer letter as indicated below and email it back to me by 08September2017.

If you accept this offer, your hire date will be the 08September2017.

I at CShella Foundation for the Single yet Cute Boylets hope that you’ll accept this offer and look forward to welcoming you aboard. Feel free to call CShella if you have any questions or concerns.