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I just wanted to let you know how frustrated I was on how our delayed flight was handled (and I’m dead sure most of the passengers of PR117 on that day share the same sentiment).

Flight PR117 bound for Manila from Vancouver on August 02 at approximately 1AM got cancelled due to technical issue. I was informed through voicemail of the flight interruption on August 01 at around 5PM prior boarding a scheduled connecting flight from Calgary to Vancouver. I initially thought the voicemail was a scam and tried to verify the supposed flight delay at a Ground Stewardess located at the Calgary Airport who apparently wasn’t aware of the issue. I arrived at Vancouver Airport (YVR) around 7PM August 01; and people from the Information Desks weren’t also aware of the delay. I called the number 1-800-435-9275multiple times but was answered by agents who couldn’t direct me to the proper person handling the flight delay. I was also given a local office number to call but to no avail. There were also NO PAL REPRESENTATIVES at the supposed office room 401 of YVR airport NOR at any of the check-in kiosks. It was only a couple of hours later when the information board got updated for the new flight schedule (Flight delayed from 1AM to 7PM August 02); which is obviously contrary to what you have on your website where you are supposed to update the international airports of any flight delays at least 30mins upon learning about it.

The PAL Ground Representatives arrived at approximately 12AM (midnight) and asked us; the tired and frustrated passengers; to line-up for new boarding pass, meal and hotel vouchers. It was utter chaos. Because almost 250 passengers on a single queue would evidently equate to pandemonium. There was same queue for check-in passengers and those with existing boarding pass/es (passenger/s from connecting flight). After the long queue to get boarding pass and meal vouchers, we must queue again for the hotel vouchers. I got my new boarding pass, meal vouchers and hotel accommodation at 2AM. I got to my hotel and was told at the front desk (Sheraton) that I have to check out at 12PM even when my scheduled flight was not until 7PM that day (which eventually got delayed further to 10:30PM). Where and how do you expect all the affected passengers to spend that over 10 hours of delay?

SO, IMAGINE THAT. FRUSTRATION is an understatement.

You guys were already aware of the flight delay hours prior. So, help me understand why it took your company ungodly hours to send Representatives at the YVR airport to settle the issue? And why did we have to do TWO (2) separate queues for vouchers? Why do we have to check out of the hotel 10 hours prior our flight? I am not asking for any special attention, but the way it was handled was NOT SYSTEMATIC AT ALL. For a company who has been in the business for over 70 years yet acted like an amateur in dealing with such delays. You could have sent your ground representatives at the check-in kiosks the moment you found out about the flight diversion to Japan and the required technical clearance. Knowing that the flight is full; you could have separated the queues between check-in passengers and those with existing boarding pass. You could have given all vouchers along with the boarding pass on a single queue. You could have allowed the affected passengers to do late check-out from the Hotel. You could have done better.

I bought those flight tickets albeit the price because I have to be in the Philippines ASAP to attend a funeral. A supposed to be 12-days bereavement leave was cut 1-day short. One (1) precious day that could have been spent with my grieving family. I am not asking for your sympathy; along with the other passengers that day; I want you to know how very damaging the experience was. YOU COULD HAVE DONE BETTER.